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When it comes to your taxes, hiring a knowledgeable and experienced tax attorney can save you precious time and money. Instead of attempting to find your way through the ins and outs of tax law, count on skilled tax attorney Jamie Lisa Forbes to help you. 

Our tax attorney can help you with a wide variety of tax issues including:

  • Tax Audits - When the IRS performs and audit, they're checking that your tax deductions are accurate and acceptable, according to your income level. You may receive a tax audit when you return a tax form that may appear unusual, or out of the ordinary. Jamie Lisa Forbes can help you during this time period, with her knowledge of handling tax audits.
  • Tax Appeals - Our tax attorney will guide you through a tax appeal if you choose to pursue this course of action. You may file a tax appeal when the IRS makes a change in your tax return that disagrees with you. Jamie Lisa Forbes will assist you in drafting a written protest, filing a lawsuit, and going to court.
  • Tax Collection - Work with us to resolve your debt during a tax collection crisis with the IRS. If you've been targeted by the IRS for delinquent tax statuses or federal and state tax discrepancies, give our tax attorney a call.
  • Tax Penalties - If you are late on your income tax payments, you will be subjected to a tax penalty. These fees can be hefty, and may not be necessary due to a case of disaster, income level fluctuation, or age change. If you're concerned about your tax penalties from the IRS, let our attorney help you!
Protect yourself from mistakes by hiring an experienced tax attorney to handle your tax needs. From business law to tax planning, Jamie Lisa Forbes can help you save money and ensure that all of your forms are submitted properly. 

Contact us today to learn more about our tax services for the High Point & Greensboro, NC areas!

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