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Everyone owns an estate. Even though your home is normally seen as your “estate,” what falls under estate planning is your assets. That could be your car, boat, insurance, stocks, and more. Because each state has different regulations for how to go about estate planning, you need to work with an estate planning attorney to ensure that everything is organized and in place.

What do estate planning attorneys do?

When you work with attorney Jamie Lisa Forbes, she will go over the process step by step. First, it's critical to create a will or a living trust. This outlines how assets will be divided when you pass on, and who will receive them.

Since each family is different, it’s helpful to have an attorney create a strategic plan that works for you. North Carolina can only accept particular forms. Using a DIY estate or will template may not suffice, and you may run into trouble later on.

When should I start the estate planning process?

Now! It’s important to get a head start on planning your estate. Even though it’s uncomfortable to speak about serious matters, it’s necessary down the line. When you create a plan, it can always be altered. Normally, families create an initial strategy, and modify it later on in life due to lifestyle or asset changes.

Get started on your life plan today with attorney Jamie Lisa Forbes.
Jamie Lisa Forbes is highly knowledgeable in the estate planning laws of North Carolina. She will work with you to create the best plan possible for you and your family. Start now, and prepare for the future. 

Proudly serving the Greensboro & High Point, NC areas.
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